Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's been a while

sorry guys. been busy on secret projects that i can't post here. I have neglected my blog. BUt here is some shit i've been working on that i can post. Bear(hahah get it?) with me as i update. this new blogger stuff is weird. I am gonna try to just put it all in this post, by re updating.

here are some ROUGH walk cycles. Ones i did when i first tested out the cintiq. yes they are rough have some problems, but you know. I have to put my QC time towards actual cartoon projects. hahah

More stuff coming soon :)

ALSO sorry I had to put on moderated comments because of the assholes. Oh well. So i finally figured out to moderate them. I never check my "dashboard" i guess that is where you go. ha ha


Corey said...

Those are groovin' I cant wait to see what craziness you churn out of that cintiq. keep it up.

chrisallison said...

Shit man, half the reason I come here is the asshole comments.

Hahaha, slack jaw on bear is hilarious. Good cycles dude, rough but real good.

Unknown said...

Good to see you back, David!

Marlo said...


James said...

Damn those are some nice, did you do em with your new cintiq?

Scratch that, you did do em with the cintiq. They are really cool though. I really want a cintiq...


Ohh well, good luck with your new stuff!


Vincent Waller said...

Very nice.

Nico said...

david is back to blogging
now is the time we rejoice!!!!!!

John Guy said...

I love how fluid your animation is!

Kevin Langley said...

Wow!! That is one bouncy bear. Incredible work.

Deemo said...

Great to see you back. Your stuff is looking great cant wait to see whats next.

PJS said...

I love the bear!!!

are these 24 fps? how did you upload them?

Pedro Vargas said...

Holy crap these are great!! I totally want to do some crazy walk cycles now! These are hilarious! Man, you do some pretty inspiring stuff. You fucking rule, dude!

Mike Moloney said...

hahaha some really funny walks. Great cycles! It's like... all your characters drank Jippo from the 'Betty Boop M.D.' cartoon. awesome stuff!

Danne8a said...

I love your walk cycles, David. They always inspire me to animate more often. Thanks for the great post!

Nico said...

no fatties, but great pussynality!

alec megibben said...

Haha! They all look great. But the third one is hilariou! That's probably the first time I've ever laughed out loud at a walkcycle. Hotdogs!

david said...

Thanks Buddies!!!

corey - thanks! i'll try to post more soon!

chris - thanks BRO hahah I will still approve the good ones.

art - Thanks!!

marlo - Thannnnksyou

james - yeah thanks! cintiq speeds up everything. it's great. Invest it one if you are serious about animation. An Amazing tool.

Vincent - Thank you!

Nico - Hahahahaah. Don't rejoice too soon. Too soon.

looney moon - thank you! it's fun to animate with some rubberhosey-ness and S curves. Angular stuff is cool too, for snapping and popping, but for that "rolling" feel S curves and wave patterns are always fun. haah

Kevin - Thanks!!! :)

Deemo - Thanks buddy!!

patrick - thanks! These are 12fps. you know in flash default. If I did it 24 probably would have still be on 2s because 1's is too many inbetweens! hahaha.

It's fairly easy. Just upload your swf file to any server place (i think maybe even photobucket will allow it) Then use the embed tags (you see them all the time on youtube videos) embed src="your link etc. etc." And since flash is vector you can also (using the same ratio) set the height and width to make it smaller and fit within your blogspace. Hahaha i hope that makes sense.

Pedro - Thanks dude!! hahaa i am glad i can inspire. I get the same enthusiasm to animate after seeing your stuff! It's good to keep the cartoons moving and Co-inspire each other on our own projects. Go cartoons! Go cartoon blogger community!

Mike - hahaha thanks! hahah i haven't seen that cartoon in a while but now i want to see it!

Danny - Thanks! I am looking forward to your next projects, always fun and awesome!

nico - nyukkk nyukkk! hahahahaa

Alec - Thanks! hahahaha. I like the last one a lot too cause it's so silly. Oh boy Buttafliez!!

Mike Nassar said...

hahaha. dude, these walk cycles are great! I love the last one with the dude rolling back and forth as he walks.

Kenny P. said...

I had to do the same thing-- the moderated comments, I mean. Fucking assholes...

Great Walk-cycles.


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