Wednesday, May 28, 2008


round 2. me vs. cold. yes i had one earlier. a month ago it seems that lasted a month. and now another one is fighting me. setbacks and delays. Minor speed-bumps on the road to finishing my cartoon. Fuck you cold. go to hell.


Check out Pedro's blog for some cartoon ass kickery. He is almost done with his film (a lot closer than me with mine) Cheer him to the finish line! Help out in the cartoon revolution! There are lots of cool people working on their own shit. Things are on the up and up!

Go cartoons!

fuck the haters!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


another blogger update.

got the new wacom. going good. working on the cartoon going good. getting drained from lame work, not so good, but will half ass it because even my half ass still kicks ass (for work) looking to play some tennis

went to lame club, but didnt have to pay the 20$ cover, remembered some dumb club people. clubbier not hipsters. the more connections i have the more opportunities i will have to infiltrate and research these exclusive breeds of dumb shallow rich superficial vapid idiots. a cartooning goldmine!

girl on the left had a weird dress, like someone cut a square out of it. ha ha

bla bla bla.

goon duo. or doucheduo. stocky man on the right was doing the stand still arm roll dance. hilarious.

Also go to Bob Camp's blog (for awesome drawings too) and see the Kliban comic he posted. Remember we are cartoonists we shouldn't take shit from nobody. Anyone that tries to tell you otherwise tell them to suck your dick (or eat your pussy blood) and stab a pencil in their throat.

fuck them

gangster animals:

until next time.

sorry for the infrequent updates. i have to finish animating my secret cartoon.

go to


for comics and stuff. katie rice, luke cormican, sean szeles, gabe swarr, fred osmond and ricky garduno bringing the heat every week.


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