Wednesday, August 25, 2010

:( ha

sorry doods. i am done animating one mini cartoon(roughly 2 - 2:30 minz) aside from some smaller stuff, all it needs is color! the next bigger cartoon is what i'm working on now. then i'll have a coloring party, which will involve me, and some water, music, mouse click fills and back pains. HEYOOOOOOO.

crappydrawingz breakdoodlz

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

barrington honeycomber

new character (c) copyright me 2010- 4ever.

i'm gonna redesign him a big since he's obviously influenced from tex avery's george and junior.

almost done with one SECRET cartoon then moving to the next. then coloring both of them in succession. OMG! TRYING TO GET IT DONE SORRY FOR TAKING SO LONG BUDDIES

crappystraighahead animation test that doesnt make sense. BEWARE ITS RUFF AND SHITTY


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