Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Roddy Hotdog and his sidekick Sam Berger. (c) me. 08

Bosom buddies till the end.

Hotdogs are the true essence of punk-rock.

and then....

Such A Trashy lifestyle you lead Roddy. It's all part of being a middle aged punk in 2008 with a napoleon complex. What's wrong Sam, Its nothing you wouldn't see walking into your local mall or galleria. Women's undergarments.
What's that Roddy? see something of interest ahead???

Can't hang with the young babes anymore buddy.

Sorry there is no color. Busy coloring other stuff. Too much coloring = burnt out, so i have preserve it. Multiple projects at one time. Trying to finish them to share with you. One day. i hope. In the meantime these doodle breaks and misc. animation things will have to do. sorry buddies. thanks for visiting :O)


tek! said...

oh man. pure genius to have a hotdog just high above his hair there .
a sad story too. i hope he finds his true love in the end.

Deemo said...

Awesome this just made my week!
Sam Berger I love it you got a great imagination. I always find it hard to come up with names for characters sometimes, but your genius when it comes to it. Great job man!

Anonymous said...

Why does he have a hot dog on his head.

Nico said...

this is amazing. i want to make love to every single panel

Kenny P. said...

She ate his hotdog! Poor bastard.

It was fun while it lasted, though.

John Guy said...

I know how he must feel. Girls only want me for my hotdog too. Seriously, great stuff.

_ said...

hahaha, hilarious stuff! and also, always, dig that kinda stock cartoony babe you see around this blog sometimes. man, good times.

hot dog = essence of punk rock. haha. got it. writing it down...


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