Monday, February 23, 2009


some poopoo doodles. still getting the computer set up and stuff like that. here are some crappy doodles to have an update. i made the mistake of making THREE (3) breaker cartoons that i have to finish.. i will post them when i finish them all. then get back to the big mega well as more surprises in the months to come. sorry for the shitty drarererewwrings...


sorry guyz!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


comic i did in my downtime at work while fixing computer probelms.

still loading up more shit and stuff like that, but i just got a new harddrive and some ram and killed some fucking viruses. assholes.

this is one of those scoller comics. scroll fast and you might even see some parts ANIMATE...but not really.. kind of.

I am missing panel 11.. theere were a lot to email to i apologize

coming soon!!!!!

sorry for the delays

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