Friday, September 28, 2007

**Break CARTOON time***

this is a short shorty short cartooon breaker cartoon from the other larger cartoon projects i am working on. as usual. it got OOC (out of control) and i kept adding shit. even though it turned out pretty shitty. i added more thinking it would make up for it.

but who the fuck cares. hahahahaa. this is mostly all straight ahead, random animation. kind of like straight ahead non sequitur short film-making.

hope you like it. be sure to dance to the cheezy music i made for it as well (haphazardly after the fact, so its not timed perfectly although i did have some happy uncanny accidents)

look for the secret surprise. tell me if you found it.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

new show for adult swim

personally, i think its gonna be a hit.

or as me and my buddies like to say "a hit and a half"

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

more SUPERZ!!!

who wants to see this show?

i am getting ready to pitch it to some executives. i dunno who. but executives are cool people who like cool cartoons. just trying to give the people what they want. nobody wants to see shitty cartoons anymore.

i sure as fuck dont

i hate them.

if they dont buy my show, i will just have to slave away and make it myself. but so be it. starving to death to make cool cartoons.

thats lyfe.

here is GREEN T. kicking some viral ass. these are probably new stds created by the zordox since they fuck each other all the time in different time zones and dimensions and mixing and matching new and old diseases which are super lethal. this is why GREEN T. is so vital to the group, his mastery of antibodies, vaccines and just fucking AWEZOME immune system, helps these dudes travel. most zordox have the lifespan of flies because they eventually die of diseases they can't handle. however they mass produce themselves do to future CLONE BOOTHS ( like phone booths, but you put in quarters and clone yourself) all teh clones come out retarded naturally and so you have a bunch of retarded yet threatening zordox reeking havoc on the stupid population of the past present and alternate dimensions.

PMS kicking some zordox ass. her vag-canon can retract back into her panteaze. basically her lower underwear piece can morph into hot lingerie to lure in her victims. so she will shake her ass out of a corner etc. before whipping out her lethal canon and spraying her victims.

running water, invading the toilet of a zordox about to shit. the ball he hold is a source of his old indian spells which he uses to hypntize his enemies. he usually leaves them in a stupefying trance before drowning them or handing them of to another SUPER.

angel minor is great at direction and normally guides the group to the right place. he has an encyclopedic knowledge of the time zones and dimenions as well as tunnels and other secret passages throughout... these are much needed for the SUPERZ when they have to go on covert missions to infiltrate a mass army of zordox.

Tardak. he is dark and can hang from ceilings high above and target his victims. One of his signature moves is falling on top of them while they suffocate in his tar skin.

remember all this material is copyright me. so don't get any wise ideas. if you do i swear to god, buddha, divine unknown, i will beat the shit out of you, possibly kill you, or just break off your hands, piss in your eyeballs and hang you outside on my flagpole so everyone will know what a slimey wretched sordid cheapskating, motherfucker you are. your good buddy - david.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Blogger Trolls

Blogger Trolls are a new kind of troll. They have migrated from message boards and chatrooms into the blogger world. Where there is an outlet to gain some sort of attention, negative or otherwise, these lonely losers will be there to take advantage of such situations. Blogger trolls are kind of like pathetic leeches that try to disrupt blogger peace and cool blogger communities, like the cartoonist's one. I suppose my blog is a target for these trolls for whatever reason. oh well. No one deserves a blogger troll. They are the lowest of the low. Posting as anonymous like losers they are. These are the kind of people who talk a lot of shit behind a computer and get big boners over making "clever" insults, but in real life they are meek and quiet and couldn't kill a fly because they are huge pussies. I've seen it happen before. I've met loudmouth internet hotshots, who turn out to be soft-spoken docile intimidated jokers. Enjoy the comic, its taking me 10 hours to type this because there are too many images in this blogger post and the shit is lagging big time.


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