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Friday, August 21, 2009


some crap plus sneak peak of shitty drawings from the short i'm working on.

supershittydoodlz here:

i work pretty ruff when animating, so i'll probably have to do another pass or 2. the blue is from the animatic/super ruff layout. these drawings are rough layout where i'm just making sure the volumes/proportions are consistent through this masssiiiivvvee scene. Once i finish this laborious task the animating/cleanup/inbetweening begins and that should go a lot faster!!! Animating girls is tough and i was stupid enough to do a 2 minute scene with them, but i gotta do it. FOR CARTOONS. Also i sometimes keep the layout poses in here, but somtimes go past them or alter them. Some of them will stay the same ala chuck jones, but because i'm doing more full animation a lot of them will be adjusted after the fact to make sure poses are flowing/overlapping action/arcs etc. are all correct. Sorry animation nerd talk

Been super busy and super tired, trying to get this shit done in addition to long dumm comics
as well as other projects.

sorry guys

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