Thursday, August 21, 2008

cartoon music video thing!

or whatever you want to call it.

HERE is the link

yes this is what i have been working on among other things. Cartoon for my friend's song album coming out. Tried to do literal interpretations of the lines, since hip hop is a lot of metaphors etc. its kind of NSFW if you are watching from there. I will try to have the censored youtube version up next week sometime after i get the exporting issues taken care of, in the meantime. enjoy the uncensored version. If you are easily offended or whatever then wait patiently for the youtube. you know. gotta keep it kosher or something

here are some stills from the video......................

Animating girls dancing is really difficult. I still want to do a better job. Coloring takes a long time. I'm saving up for a cintiq so i can work 10 times faster and make cartoons faster. Brown rice is cheap and you can eat a lot of it. A good food cost saver. I need to find cool elves to help me color my cartoons.

remember 08 is for cartoons. 08 is coming to an end. lets go out with a bang and i'm not talking suicide buddies! NYUK NYUK!!!

more cartoons on the way. i just gotta work work work on them.

big thanks to all the support. big thanks to CHRIS ALLISON for continued support.

Hopefully the Dummcomics people don't hate me. getting back to comics Asap.

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