Tuesday, April 20, 2010


sorry guyz, been busy with a bunch of crap working on multiple (animated) cartoon shorts and comics and all this other lyfe crap. allergies season. i went through a lot of puffs lotion tissuez. the mucus membrane is a motherfucker of a part of the human body.

here are some crap doodles as an update!!!

cool stuff coming soon!

Thursday, April 01, 2010


i was testing out tumblr and then realized its kind of lame. oh well. i was trying to find an alternative to blogger to post large huge sequences of images with ease. oh well. been really busy, working on multiple secret projects trying to finish them, sorry for the lack of updates.
this is some crappy crappy that i was testing for tumbler and it got carried way, it was just gonna be a couple of drawings. this is the equivalent of "improv" cartoooning, that is i have no idea what the fuck i'm gonna do next, i just go with the flow and make up random shit. somehow it comes out slightly coherent.

sorry guyz
better stuff soon i hope

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