Saturday, September 13, 2008


A lot of cartoonist's birthdays are this month. it's like a birthday overload.

But one you might not have heard of, but who you should know of is this guy

Visit his page. holler!

Also i think it was Katie's birthday. So visit her blog and celebrate her existence.

Do your job and commend them on the difficult task of surviving another year as a cartoonist. A rare type of person that we all should cherish. We should also take pride in being cartoonists/animators, and not let weirdos like sam, or other trolls, or ignorant belligerent executives bring us down.

remember 08 is for cartoons. as well as 09 and on.

Monday, September 08, 2008

doodledumpage pooperz

some doodles crap shit. breaktime. working on multiple projects which i might have to stop and start looking for real paying work. how depressing. In the meantime i got comics to clean up, cartoons to animate, porfolios to fill up, reels to compile and export...and i need to get rid of a lame head cold. wah wah wah

snake kid boners. such a horrible gag.


thanks again for everyone that watched the music video and supported it. sorry the lack of updates. the censored version is now up on youtube

also thanks to DUMM COMICS For the plug. I will need to do a secret fun surprise dumm comics plug soon, but don't tell them it's a secret. SHHHH.

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