Friday, October 31, 2008

cartoon time

thats what time it is.

more stuff coming soon

gotta keep it moving.

sorry no color. no time! ahhhaahah


PJS said...

haha, I love that dog!

Your lines have an almost Al Hirscfeld flow to them

chrisallison said...

these cintiq doodles? dude, they're lookin real good! two thousanimate!

first you get the pitches. then you get the money. then you get the women (ink and paint dept).

tek! said...

yes indeed this cintiq makes your linework more controlled but without loosing that fluidity! awesome.

Nico said...

These drawings are so good that i finally just pooped in my drawers!!!!!!!!
davidcartoons sure perk up my morning

TheFuzzyPubes said...

Awesome man.
VERY nice flowing drawings!!!

Pedro Vargas said...

Very cool, man!! I really like these. I especially like how organic the last one looks.

Marc Deckter said...


Mike Moloney said...

haha awesome. I really like the dude with the boombox. He's really funny!

Deemo said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome, and more awseomeness! Great linework that cintiq is awazing I cant wait to get one.


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