Saturday, September 13, 2008


A lot of cartoonist's birthdays are this month. it's like a birthday overload.

But one you might not have heard of, but who you should know of is this guy

Visit his page. holler!

Also i think it was Katie's birthday. So visit her blog and celebrate her existence.

Do your job and commend them on the difficult task of surviving another year as a cartoonist. A rare type of person that we all should cherish. We should also take pride in being cartoonists/animators, and not let weirdos like sam, or other trolls, or ignorant belligerent executives bring us down.

remember 08 is for cartoons. as well as 09 and on.


Nico said...

hell ya! 08 is for cartoons! And 09 and on!!!!

Deemo said...

Thanks alot David thats nice of you man. I really appreciate everything.

Thanks for the birthday card.

08 and 09 year of animation. Im about to get started on my own little project cant wait to get started.

Andy said...

My birthday is this month too. Turning 18 on the 28th... Finally I'll be an adult (In technical terms, not in maturity...)

Sigh, goodbye childhood. It's been great.

chrisallison said...

two thousand animate.

fuck man, it's two thousand aninine for me. rule the school for the rest of the year, doodler.

Gargamel said...

you know what, sam's right, fuck you David gimmel. your probably the kind of sorry son of a bitch who goes to bars and draws smurfs on napkins to pick up on chicks. you probably dont drink but dance liek an idiot and do push ups in front of everyone. have you ever even eaten anything besides a burger??? fuck your face and your life


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