Monday, June 01, 2009


looks like im sick again. oh well. stress and no sleep. i need to go shoot a machine gun and then run up a lot of stairs rocky style to wear off the stress HAAHAHAHAHA jk. i started laying out this motherfucker of a scene that im animating for my big cartoon. but im making progress.

some of these are from reference.. in fact from that site 2 or 3 people recommended me,
which just has a ton of pictures featuring stupid hipsters. great cartooning reference. others were inspired by real life. so its a combination. sometimes you don't need a website like that, when echo park is right down the street.

sorry guyz

a lot of these are crap. i'll try to post better shit next time.


Nico said...

HAHAHA! these are great David! Oh damn, i gotta check that website out. There is nothing more fun to laugh at than LA hipsters

thanks for the kickass cartoons buddy. HOLLER

chrisallison said...

YES! hahahaha, the blues guy's pomp is out of control! dude, this post rules. i think i've seen most of those hipsters, and even that evil underworld king lurking around LA.

GET THAT BIG SCENE! if you nail that, you just made cartoon history. tell tex to scoot over and give you the warm spot. GO DAVID GO!

David Martingale said...

I like Devendra-dad.

Anonymous said...

When I look at that website, violent thoughts rush into my mind. But when I look at these drawings I realize that they don't deserve my rage. They deserve to be laughed at and caricatured through these AWESOME cartoons. You're the best man for the job, David. These fucking rule.

Good luck on your big cartoon project!

Chris_Garrison said...

Please excuse this enormous comment:

I feel a strong urge to at least say hello to you, because -- Last week, after reading your latest Dumm comic, I came to look at your blog. For some reason, I was very taken with the drawings in your recent posts. I started analyzing what I like about them and forming new theories about drawing cartoons. I think I've gone the last few years without forming many new theories, so I was really feeling pretty shaken up. I decided I was going to read your whole blog.

Over the past few days, I've gone back and read every post, from the beginning! (Okay, I may have skimmed some of the jazz lectures.) Of course I want to say, "Wow, your stuff is great! Your animation is brilliant! Keep it up!" But I'm sure you hear that all the time, so it's not breaking news or anything.

But, having just read the entire blog at once, I'll try to give you a small insight that others may not have noticed as much, having read it piecemeal. -- You are always sick! You have a cold like, EVERY month or something! I guess your immune system is under a lot of strain, from working too hard all the time.

Please take care of yourself, David. Make sure you get at least 7 1/2 hours of sleep every night. 9 if you have a cold. Since you seem to be susceptible to germs, wash your hands a lot. If someone coughs in your vicinity, politely scurry out of the room and wash your hands. If you're going to be on an airplance, or in a place with a lot of kids, take some Airborne. I know they say it doesn't do anything, but I think it works anyway.

Get out of your own germs. Change the sheets often when you're sick, and/or sleep on the couch every other night. I think that helps a lot.

Also, I swear by Zicam. I don't like the kinds you have to chew or eat, etc., because they just taste too peculiar to tolerate. Get the nose-gel squirter kind, whenever you have a cold. It reduces the length of the cold, which is awesome. If you can't cure a cold, at least get over it quicker. Do it every four hours, like it says, even through the night. I swear it totally helps. Not a paid advertisement.

When I get that tickle in my throat, and I can tell I'm ABOUT to get a cold, I start Zicamming it. Sometimes, if I act quickly enough, the cold is over before it starts.

Since you get so many colds, I think maybe you have allergies and don't know it. Look into that.

Please take care of yourself, because we don't want you to end up like Jim Henson. Now that you have a regular outlet on Dumm Comics, I think that should let you off the hook, and you should feel no guilt about not working all night and on weekends, etc. Tell yourself, I have to keep myself well, so that I'll be able to provide a regular comic every Tuesday. Therefore, I mustn't kill myself making 10 cartoons at a time. The deadlines on your personal animations are self-imposed, right? So loosen them up a bit.

Something else I noticed from looking at all the great hipster drawings in one big lump: I think people responded the most when there was an autobiographical element. Like if you mentioned that a girl liked you or that this weirdo said something idiotic to you. Your readers like when that story element is added to the hipsters, along with the usual presentation of their stupid outfits and attitudes. Or maybe that's just me, but I think I noticed more comments in those instances.

Your autobio stuff is great, because unlike most autobio comics, it's super-cartoony. Usually, when people make comics from life, they tell about how they got up, ate some cereal, and went back to sleep. But you make everything cartoony and hilarious. I love how you personify everything: A backache is a little man who's attacking your back. A broken air conditioner is a little man who's in the vent, etc. You take it so far, it reminds me of how Richard Pryor gives a voice to everything in his stand-up. Alcohol talks in this voice, but crack talks in a voice like this, etc. etc.

Okay, I'm done. Sorry for the giant comment.

Todd Oman said...

NIce Dump there buddy.

Kenny P. said...

Aargh, I'm sick, too! Wretched. I caught it from my kid. He's in pre-school, so he's a walking petri dish.

I guess I should just avoid him.

Will Finn said...

Loads o' fun. Love the girl with the sunglasses and the guitarist. You draw better sick than a lot of people in peak health.

Mike Moloney said...

hahaha i love the wizards. I wish there was a show with awesome weird wizards like that!

Kristen McCabe said...

Nice! you need to make an entire book of your hipster drawings. They are in a class of their own.

thanks for the latfh link. I can't stop laughing at those people.

Kali Fontecchio said...

The gal with the wormy lips is hilaaaarious!

TheFuzzyPubes said...

So many great sketches...
The King, the big cat & the (j04.jpg) girl with sunglasses are my favorites.

You're the best man!

jeremy Charpentier said...

very expressive sketches!!!

Unknown said...


Mitchel Kennedy said...

I dig your doodles.

George Kaprielian said...

awesome as always homeboy

Unknown said...


Puga Vida said...

Crap? i think not! these are great!!

ivan ives said...

that long comment was pretty hilarious.

david, you already know you're the best.

the sickness is probably from those fucking GMOs. malos GMOchips and GMOtacos. i had some GMOcereal today and i too feel like shit. need to purify from the BTs (not body thetans).

life is funny. maybe moreso weird and peculiarly depressing.

Unknown said...

heheh love the energy in your lines! great post


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