Friday, June 26, 2009


Wish WB would get their shit together and update their characters into something more "hip" that today's iphone stroking, ps3 playing, twitter following, youtube viewing generation can relate to.

another couple of weirdos from the :

crappy memory drawings of weird teenybopper girls at innout..the place where i ate my lunch today. I just wanted something with grilled onions. I did not expect the massive crowd of burbankian idiots to turn my lunch eating experience into a cramped, noisy, uncomfortable endeavor.

sorry for the crap crap crap drawings. better shit (or slightly less crappy stuff) coming soon.



Nico said...

okay that hipster bugs bunny is epic.

you rock david! i hear ya about these lame-ass LA martians invading and fucking up as simple an outing as going to the local In n out. god i hate this crap

keep on doin what you're doin' son, it's all awesome!!!!! BOOYA

Kurdt said...

It might just be the site becoming more popular that allowed the web-tards and trolls to find it. There's been stupid shit thats been getting posted on some of the other comics too.

chrisallison said...

hahahahaha, what's wrong with beer farts?

coool bugs, dude. i gotta get back on my studying.

Cam said...

Just ignore what those trolls on Dumm Comics think. I think your art style is cool, and your humor hilarious! Keep at it! =D

Unknown said...

I've like most of your work on Dumm, the only one I didn't get the full enjoyment was with the jousting one, but you said yourself it was old. keep doin' wat u doin' if those troll users owned it, the comics would suck. I like the chick here and I check out all the fucking hipsters.

Tank said...

From reading your blog you sound like an unhappy person in general. Why spend so much time hating people happy with their lives? What makes you better than them? Because you draw cartoons?

Mordecai Ali Van Allen O'Shea said...

Keep truckin! The people who don't like your comics AINT HUMAN. It doesn't matter whether they like em or not. You are making some of the best comics on the net, don't let the darnfool outspoken minority get to you!
Humanity today is suffocating and insufferable. Without people like you I'd lose faith in humanity and the future altogether and wish I were born a century ago.

joedude said...

"I did not expect the massive crowd of burbankian idiots to turn my lunch eating experience into a cramped, noisy, uncomfortable endeavor."

You shouldve hit on them and got some young ditzy pussy.

Shawn Dickinson said...

I can see from that mustaches have made a comeback. Apparently it's cool to look like a child molester? And with those haircuts combined with the mustaches, apparently it's cool to look like a child-molesting Hitler?

Great drawings though.

Love the Bugs drawing.

You should draw Foghorn Leghorn as a child-molesting Hitler.

Mike Nassar said...

shit?! well, you're shitting gold my friend. keep it up.

cheers to productivity and badassery!

david said...

thanks buddies!

nic0 - hahahah thanks. i just think in n out is too popular a place in southern california. i try to avoid it, but eating options in burbank ARE REALLY FUCKING HORRIBLE hahaha.

Kurdt - yeah that is possible. Who knows. Everyone is entitled to their opinion i guess, but some of them are obviously trolling.

chris - haha nothing wrong with a b-fart, makes for a good additional gag. hahaha.

Cam - Thanks dood! I'm just doing it for the people who like it! Hope you like the other ones that are in store.

Niki - thanks! yeah the jousting one was an inside joke with some other cartoonists. thanks again for stopping by! trying to raise with bar with next ones (some of them..when i have time. hahaha)

Tank - Cool dood! your assessment of me is exactly correct! I do hate myself and i hate those motherfuckers with happy lives.

Nah brah, i was just annoyed at the huge crowd. They didn't seem to happy about it either. Who said i was better? It seems like you are pulling shit out of your ass. I think i've made it pretty clear throughout my blog that i'm pretty modest and humorously self-deprecating.

But yeah dude, i'm definitely better than you because i draw cartoons. EVERYONE KNOWS CARTOONISTS ARE THE BEST EVER. nah man, you need to chill with that shit.

make like that 80s primetime drama homeboy, and h8 elsewhere! LOLZ

Sean - Thanks man!! like you said, i'm just gonna keep moving. I guess those people are pretty critical but what the hay, that won't stop me. haha. The other Dumm artists reassured me that it was common to be greeted with tons of h8 and bullshit comments and they normally fizzle out in the months to come.

joedude - yeah, unlike other cartoonists. I'm not a PEDO. LOLZ jk. So you know. i think my cutoff is 20, and even that is pushing it.

Shawn - yeah dude! mustaches are kind of cool, but the John waters pencil mustache, or the teen - can't grow a full beard whispy whiskers do raise an eyebrow. haha. foghorn leghorn. thats a good idea! i gotta deface more classic cartoon characters!!

Mike - thanks dude! toonhole coming soon. BAMZIZZLE. keep up the great work as well. cartoons for 09 twenty 10 AND BEYOND



Anonymous said...

People are talking shit about your comics? What the fuck talk is that? What the fuck talk is that? They're fucking shit. Fuck them. It's easy for them to throw slings arrows, but they don't have any talent. What the fuck have they ever done?

Everyone whose opinions MATTER (like your fellow Dumm Comics artists, and the really cool smart blog commentators like Me, Trevor, Nico, etc. love your shit. We know what the fuck we're talking about. From any of us who have actual good taste there hasn't been negative word one. So don't get disouraged, David, because the people who are talking shit, sniping at you through the fucking electronic bushes of THE INTERNET are chickenshit anonymous faggots.

Keep doing your thing.

PotatoFarmGirl said...

In N Out has been full of Burbank teenagers, since, forever. They also like Urban Outfitters, but that's ok, I prefer them to wear clothes than go naked. One time my friend Tara and I were having drinks outside of Coffee Bean, and these highschool girls ran across the crosswalk. One girl had boy underwear outside her jeans, and she skipped happily across yelling like an ostrich. It was awesome. Anyway, stop being sick so you can make a million more drawings. And get your cartoon finished, so we can all watch it and make fun of the haters. F CN. (I'm doing the same thing, what's the point of making a seven minute board and doing nothing with it?)


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