Friday, May 15, 2009

midmay tiny dump...or "GOONZ 'n' HOES"

some doodlez after a long day at work, should have been working on my mega cartoon or comics, but needed to update this badboy and not let my 8 viewers down. sorry guyz

i will start posting previews or sneakpeaks of comics here too, just to remind ya'll of whats coming. hahaah

sorry buddies. trying to provide some decent cartoon material for the few that appreciate it.

A lot of these were from reference, or inspired by reference. lolz.

more soon i hope, at least weekly there will be some lame comic* you can look at over at the dummcomics dot com website. *my comic.


Nico said...

haha OH HELL YEA! Hot gurls, buddy. And AWESOME rapper goonz! FUCK THE HATERS

any update from you is always welcomed! Sorry buddys

Kenny P. said...

Thanks for inspiring me to live another day. I've been enjoying your dummcomics, too! Meow, Balls!

Katie said...

The second drawing has the best cartoon hands ever!!

Marc Deckter said...

word word

Shawn Dickinson said...

Werd up G.

I'm number 5 out of your 8 viewers, and proud of it. Gotzta reprezent, suckas!

Hellz yeah!

(Swell cartoons by the way. I think they're nifty!)

Mordecai Ali Van Allen O'Shea said...

heeheehee, these are hilarious!
I agree about the second guy's fingers. Hell-lair-yee-us!

chromasketch said...

nice work!!

david said...

thanks guys!!

nico - thanks!! hahah f the h8rsss

kenny - thanks! the inspiration is mutual, buddy :)

katie - thanks!! i tryyyyy

marc - hahaaah!

Shawn - thank you!! and thank you for viewing.! i'll try to update more.

sean - thanks!!

b! thanks!

WIL BRANCA said...

Number nine here - still lurking about!

Nico said...

sorry guys

George Kaprielian said...

now u got 9, thanks buddy


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