Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Dumm Stuff

Aside from being tired, and or sick, and or busy with work, I've also been busy working on comics for DUMMCOMICS.COM

So every Tuesday, there should be some new weird comic up there. By me. If you want to look. If not. Keep checking back here as i will post more crap drawings doodles and breaker cartooons in the future, whislt working on the mega cartoon.


Mike Moloney said...

dude that's awesome, i'll be checking up on those.

Nico said...

sorry, guys :(

Anonymous said...

Dave, you're a perfect fit for Dumm Comics! I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Also, David, I was wondering if you've heard the first album from The Lonely Island, Incredibad. As a connoisseur of both quality hip-hop and comedy/cartoons, I think you'd really like it. You should pitch an animated music video for them! Get on SNL!

Kenny P. said...

You ARE the king. I'm GOING THERE!


Unknown said...

Read it yesterday, ddn't get it at first and then it hit me! your jokes are like punches in the crotch!

David Germain said...

Is Dumm Comics still being overrun by hackers? If so, I hope you get 'em. If you've got 'em already, I hope you go all Gitmo on their asses. I'm sure even President Obama would grant you permission to do so.

david said...

thanks guys!!

mike - thanks buddy! i hope they don't disappoint

nico - lollllllz!!

jorge - thanks dude! I haven't heard of the album, but i'll be sure to check it out. I'm still working on some more music (putting out an album for FREE, i might do another animated music video for it, and of course will put that shit up on my blog) haha

Kenny - hahaha i am only but a poor pauper cartoonist trying to move it forward! THANKS!

Niki - hahaah don't worry some of them will be realy obvious and lame hahaahhaha.

David - Hey, we are still trying to figure out the problem. It's possibly someone hacked in through the backend, but as of now i think everything is updated and secure. A shame that those mal-wares would try to do that, but that's the internet for you.

chrisallison said...

tuesdays are now TOONSDAYS. way to go, david! your stuff is hilarious


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