Monday, September 08, 2008

doodledumpage pooperz

some doodles crap shit. breaktime. working on multiple projects which i might have to stop and start looking for real paying work. how depressing. In the meantime i got comics to clean up, cartoons to animate, porfolios to fill up, reels to compile and export...and i need to get rid of a lame head cold. wah wah wah

snake kid boners. such a horrible gag.


thanks again for everyone that watched the music video and supported it. sorry the lack of updates. the censored version is now up on youtube

also thanks to DUMM COMICS For the plug. I will need to do a secret fun surprise dumm comics plug soon, but don't tell them it's a secret. SHHHH.


chrisallison said...

awesome goons. awesome ducks. awesome bulldogs. you win!

dude, studios are gonna wanna snatch you up. they'd be fools not to.

James Sutton said...
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Pedro Vargas said...

Dude, these are all the shit!! I love the picture of the goon looking up at the cooch and the expression on the pigs face as eggs fall to his head is great. I laugh every time I see his face and boddy pose. Really funny stuff! Great design on the bull dog and duck too. Love 'em all!

Like you said man, this definitely is the year for cartoons and you're doing one hell of a good job of providing us with some of your toonage! You rule!

Unknown said...

I really like the chicken girl and the cleopatra character- some really nice designs : ) I hear you on the job front! I'm enjoying working on my paintings, but man, they're not paying the bills, right? : P

Nico said...

There's something about having a blog on the internet and saying "shhh, it's a secret" that makes me smile.

oh and these drawings are fucking rad too. love that chicken babe. she reminds me of marlo

Sam said...
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Sam said...

Wow. Hey David. You're a loser. Seriously. All your cartoons look like they were written by 12 year olds. How old are you? almost 25? What's funny about your blog is sometimes you go on rants critizizing fine artists for not animating cartoons when you know if they did they'd easily be a thousand times better than anything you've made. your entire animation portfolio is on Newgrounds for christ's sake. Yeah that's not sad and pathetic at all. What a sucessful life you have. You and all the other Spumco copy-cat bloggers are beyond pathetic and should be ahamed to even call yourselves artists. It's funny how you all think you're epicly changing the world of animation together. How? by posting immature cartoony drawings only a 12 year old would truly find entertaining. Yeah that's really raising the bar on artistic ability there. You are one of the saddest groups I've seen on the internet. You'll probably still be doing this well into your 30's.
Suicide isn't that hard you know.

david said...

chris - hahahh thanks dude!!! gotta win.

comment deleted - sorry to hear that buddy.

Pedro - thanks dude!! Likewise man, you are kicking ass on your film(s) great drawings as well. I am looking forward to their completion!

Daisy - thanks!! yeah, bills are a drag. haha. You gotta enjoy the free time while it lasts, i guess. :O)

Nico - thanks! hahahah. Some people might not read it. you never know. hahaha. After looking at it does kind of look like marlo. i guess cause of red feather head.

comment deleted - you're repeating yourself buddy.

sam- thanks dude. your words are inspiring. I am sure Beating the fucking shit out of you wouldn't be too hard either and probably a better option. a win-win situation my friend.

Marc Deckter said...

Great post - always enjoy the Gemmil breaktime doodles. Smurfs, ducks, chickens dropping eggs on mice and Lil Wayne references. Love it.

tek! said...

that goon sure has his lucky day!
and just like everyone else, the egg bombarding chick is great! you must do more with her.


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