Sunday, June 08, 2008


this was an idea i came up with during breaktime/lunchtime at work.

Duncan Dynamo is a british asshole explorer only in it for fame. Nidhish which means 'lord of treasure' in Indian, is the lethargic tour guide. He is very calm and desensitized to the ugliness and dangers of the jungle. Theodore Cornwall is the sheepish babbling Professor who offers his anecdotal knowledge of the jungle, only to find that it doesn't really apply. He rides on Nidhish's domesticated panther, Dinkar (he traded his bengal tiger for this rare peruvian breed of melanistic jaguar). And then there is Milo, the young precocious native boy. He knows the whole terrain of the jungle and the way of the land. He is extremely smart and although his native tongue doesn't translate well with the others his pantomiming often gets the point across.

the first (really shitty) doodle of them. this was after i cam up with the idea and had to draw it.

crappy duncan doodles:

silly nidhish scrawl:


They are in search of a mythic tribe consisting of boobs. Native boobs that, according to Theodore, contain the cure for most all diseases. It is within the breast milk of this tribe that presumably holds the basis for all new types of modern medicine. The problem is the tribe is elusive and they don't even know if it really exists. But Duncan has the wherewithal (and funding from Rich British investors that made their money off of underground irish slave trade) to push this group through the hills, valleys and deep hairy parts of the jungle, in search of the perfect mammalian female counterparts.

I'll scan more work doodles when i get my scanner hooked up.


DaveW said...

That's an awesome story dogG. Keep it up!

Andy said...

Yesss new post.

Awesome stuff.

Anonymous said...

That's a really funny title.

Jay D Smith said...


British arsehole explorer!

TheFuzzyPubes said...

Great stuff!
Nidhish is already my favorite!

Mike Nassar said...

dude david, this is some of the funniest shit i've seen/read. it's great! scan so we can viddy more.

how's your film going man?

Anonymous said...

This needs to be a series. Now! The drawings and brief description of your concept got me laughing.

Marlo said...


warren said...

SOOOOO choice. Hunting boobies to save mankind. Poetic, brother.


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