Monday, June 16, 2008



chrisallison said...

AWESOME! dude, colors look really nice and you draw the greatest broads ever. top notch cartoon sophistication!

Andy said...

What is there to say? You know the drawing is awesome. I can't waaait until the freaking cartoon is finished... I'm like dieing here. But take your time... Aha lol.

Anonymous said...

sew ghud

Anonymous said...

awesome fluidity and motion in this one.

Good luck with the album man! Especially if it's gona help us get a cartoon out of the deal.

Jenny Lerew said...

Great drawing as usual from you. You're good.

david said...

chris - thanks dude. i need to work on the girls though. hahahha

andy - thanks man. i am tryingggg to get this cartoon done asap without going crazy

alexis - hhaa sew

clark - thanks dude!! I need to not work on shitty shows that make me want to kill myself, but somehow still make money.... One day. hahaa

jenny - thank you :O)


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