Friday, September 28, 2007

**Break CARTOON time***

this is a short shorty short cartooon breaker cartoon from the other larger cartoon projects i am working on. as usual. it got OOC (out of control) and i kept adding shit. even though it turned out pretty shitty. i added more thinking it would make up for it.

but who the fuck cares. hahahahaa. this is mostly all straight ahead, random animation. kind of like straight ahead non sequitur short film-making.

hope you like it. be sure to dance to the cheezy music i made for it as well (haphazardly after the fact, so its not timed perfectly although i did have some happy uncanny accidents)

look for the secret surprise. tell me if you found it.


tom said...

play.onMouseDown = function(){

Ryan Khatam said...

hahah oh shit, that swimming part was super duper awesome. i loved the ending walk cycle, that tieing behind the back was really convincing.

Kevin Langley said...

This was great. The swimming was excellent and the part where he scrambles off screen was cool too. That inviting girl was a nice touch too.

chrisallison said...

Haha, that walk cycle was pretty sweet! Nice, David!

Marlo said...

alright, nothing short of brilliant. the way you animate is very unique, probably because i haven't ever seen anything move so cool before.... you're just really good, buddy. i enjoyed that absurdist gag with the guy's corpse as a leg!!!!!!!

nice face on the secret girl

Marc Deckter said...

Haha! Great!

My favorite parts were when the one-legged creature moves his head but his eyeballs remain, and when the one-legged creature is chasing the dude swimming in the air. (I'm a sucker for chase scenes)

There's an element of surprise&energy that you can only get with straight-ahead animation.

Nice work!

Andy said...

I loved that, the animation is so fun. I was sad when it ended.

Ryan G. said...

wow David.. I liked the when he tied the dude to his waist and took em for a walk.. cool shit bro..

Anonymous said...

That look gag was the dog's bullocks. Loved the music too.

tek! said...

ahaha!great ending!
can you share also that sweet music? mp3 or whatever (i'm a sucker for this happy go electronic sound)

Angello Garcia Bassi said...

jajaja!! great!


Anonymous said...

Another great cartoon. Keep em coming.

Anonymous said...

hahaha the secret surprise.

Sean Szeles said...

Wow, aweomse short David! Love the swimming and the walk at the end. Keep it up! Hey, what do you use to make your music?

Katie said...

Ha ha ha!! I found it, I found the secret surprise! Great cartoon, David! I love these bizarre beasts of burden you've been drawing lately!

Unknown said...

All right. I've seen a lot of your stuff, and I've been hesitant to admit it until now, but you are officially awesome.

david said...

thanks buddies!

tom- haahaha php protocoljavaappzone alpha data megabit hydroxy

ryan - thanks. i was proud of the tie behind the back. i liked how it turned out. hahaa.

kevin - thanks buddy! i am glad you found the secret surprise

chris - thanks man!

marlo - hahaha thanks!! i am glad you liked the end gag. feels good that people recognize.

marc - thanks buddy!!! ill try to add some more chase scenes in my next cartoons! hahaha they are fun.

andy - thanks man! sorry i wish i could animate better and faster but i am still working on it. more stuff soon though!

ryan - thanks buddy!!

bob - thanks!! idunno what the dogs bullocks is but it sounds cool

tek - thanks buddy!! i have lots more music where that came from. if you promise not to steal it and sell it secretly on itunes i can send you some files for FREE. email me (i think there is a link in my profile somewhere) and i can email you back an mp3!

angelo- thanks!!

some guy - thanks buddy!!

mike - ha. you found it. great!! more to come!!

sean - thanks buddy!! for the music i use FL STUDIO which i guess i similar to logic, and or cubase possibly garage band. i use a bunch of vsts mostly like ones that are replicas of old analog synthesizers like the prophet 5, korg ms 20 and poly six. etc. etc. and some drum samples sampled from drum machines. its all sequencing and tedium, but fun nonetheless.

katie - thanks!!! hahahah love when people find the secret surprises! :O)

dustin - thanks buddy!!

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

What secret surprise? Anyway, the film was great!

George Kaprielian said...

WTF?! LOL. that made me laugh. Great animation dude. you should work for disney.

Kenny P. said...


Yeah, the eyeball gag made me laugh out loud, and the corpse leg made me cry (inside). Wonderful.

I found the surprise.

TheFuzzyPubes said...

Well done!
the final gag is just too funny...

PotatoFarmGirl said...

Wonderfully squishy! I'm assuming the secret is the naked girl at the beginning. 'Cause guys like naked girls.

Julián Höek said...

that was awesome dude!! i love it! ultra funny animation and i hope to see more soon!

Anonymous said...

the part where the guy uses the other guy as a leg is brilliant. great work.

Anonymous said...

There is no good reason why cartoons like yours shouldn't be up on a digital billboard, playing on a loop in Times Square. Otto Mesmer did stuff in a different style all through the 1960's and it connected with crowds of people without the advantage of sound, and yours would too.


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