Thursday, June 17, 2010


crappybreak 'drawing'
now back to work, it's gonna be fun long night

digthatshyttay shadowpattern HAHAAHA


Jorge Garrido said...

Awesome! But this girl looks so familiar that it's killing me...

Chris_Garrison said...

I LOVE this. It's super hot and exciting! (but I'm confused by that chartreuse band at the bottom of the shirtie, what's that about?)

chrisallison said...

you meant to type wankfest. admit it.

hahaha, smurf comic ruled! colors look slick. you rule, david! hope to see your cartoons soon. let me know when you got some time, i gotta give you a preview of mine

Kenny P. said...

I wasn't looking at the shadow, I was looking at the BOOBS!!!! YEHAGAAAAAHHHHHA!!!!


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