Monday, June 21, 2010




i'm really tired, but i'll try harder to be a better artist and learn how to draw. doin it 4 the love of cartoons.


tek! said...

hahaha 'chillax'
a great 'tude take on these guys, man

Chris_Garrison said...

Mickey's way more appealing here than his usual boring self. I'm trying to figure out what you did to give him so much life.

Brett W. Thompson said...

Hilarious and wonderful!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think you draw one of the best modern renderings of Mickey and Donald ever. So much life and fun in these drawings. Mickey even looks like Fred Moore's design, but you took it even further and added your own touches to him.

Man, I'd do anything to have drawing chops like yours. I'm always practicing and doing as many studies as I can for my young age, so hopefully I'll be able to draw this well one day.

Katie said...

HAHAHAHAHA...David, the one where Donald needs to chillax is hilarious...these are awesome, don't put yourself down. :)

Mike Moloney said...

lol these are awesome, I love your take on mickey.

Cheyenne said...

wow these are amazing! i love the gestures, so nice and pushed, and really funny expressions!

Anonymous said...

Awesome drawings dude. And Donald really does have to chillax.

Rex said...

These are amazing drawings, David! So appealing!

Corey said...

Disney should get you to relaunch these guys, you're versions are very energetic & appealing.


Unknown said...

that's some good shit man

Jorge Garrido said...

Hey, David, I was thinking about your sequential art the other day, and how it almost seems to animate from panel to panel. It adds a cool "you are there" element to the action. Each character seems to stay in the same position throughout the frame from panel to panel.

Do you draw each panel on top of another like tracing paper or animation, or do you redraw the next panel from scratch?

david said...

thanks guys!

tek- thankss LOVE the TUDE

Chris - thanks! i tried to copy freddie moore and failed. and also a little more exaggeration.

brett - thanks!

Roberto - thanks, Although i'm sure other artists do a better mickey than me. I guess just keep drawing. I was a pretty shitty artist when i was young, i just wanted to animate, then i realized you have to have expert draftsmanship and now im trying to make up for that...poorly hahaha

katie - THANKS :) I try.

Mike - Thanks buddy!

Chenny - thanks! :)

John M. haha yeah Donald is cray cray sometimes!

rex - thanks bud.

Corey - hahaha i wish i had the chance, but i'd have to work harder to not shit on disney's name as much as those who came before me, Thanks Michael eisner, i love you.

rafi - thanks man!

Jorge - Thanks for the nice comments.

I actually do that sequential shit in flash with the onion skins, kind of planning to animate or one drawing after another, i guess its like a flipbook minus all the inbetweens and just trying to hit the beats or acccents keys or whatever you want to call them. Ideally i'd love to animate all fo them but it takes o much time and also sometimes to get the idea down i try to do it as fast as possible so that i don't lose that momemtum. I think thats the best way to do things is just keep drawing and drawing. It's why working from scripts is counteractive, it totally kills the ball down the hill and you have no speed and interrupted energy.

oh well.

what do i know.

i just like drawing fun stuff.


Thad said...

Keep drawing like this and you'll be able to work for BOOM drawing Mickey and Don for Harry Potter and Twilight fans!

Ricardo Cantoral said...

Great job ! Now draw my homie Pete bustin' a cap in Mickey's ass with a gat ! XD


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