Thursday, April 23, 2009

sorry guyz

been so swamped with work and other life business i've neglected my blog. I used to be able to come home from work and work on my secret projects, but now i've been so drained i gotta be careful and not get sick again... I bought OVER THE TOP. It was on sale at best buy. I will watch soon and report back with doodles.

here are some crappy doodles for an update.

more shit coming soon.. i promise, plus secret shit, to show that i haven't really been a slacker at all, i just haven't been posting shit. BIG SURPRISE IN MAY. BOOYA

sorry guyz


tek! said...

hahahah you did the 'tude!!!!
welcome back david.
you made us all stocked up now for the month of MAY.

winner said...


DUMM COMICS! Congrats!

Shawn Dickinson said...

Every post starts out with "Sorry", and somewhere includes the word "crappy"...yet they're anything but sorry or crappy. haha!

Your Daffy designs are fantasticamundo! Even when he's being a homey with 'tude, you make him fun to look at!!!

P.S. Today's word verification to post this comment is "titilate", haha!

chrisallison said...

YEAHHH! Shotgun lizard is AWESOME hahahahaha. Secret projects are going to rock. I can't fucking WAIT!

Btw, Adobe is talking about updating Flash to stream HD quality, and there are TV sets coming out that will be able to stream HD content. Check it HERE.

This means we'll be able to stream cartoons to people's TV's! Might wanna start doing your cartoons 1440 x 1080 to look great in people's living rooms! Either way, you're gonna blow up hahaha

Danne8a said...

I love your drawings and feel you about posting.
Working till the wee hours of night on animation can be so time consuming that it gets hard to put blog time in.
Everytime you do post it is a pure joy!
Can't wait to see more



Mike Moloney said...

haha awesome gangster bugs. That belongs on some hispanic dude's shirt somewhere.

Over the top is a awesome ridiculous movie. I love the evil grandpa in it, its a good buy.

George Kaprielian said...

those toons be fresh dope yo. As usual, great poses dude, lizard guy is crazy fluid.

Mick said...

here this... grand... pretty good... do people still say 'gnarley'?... or 'rad'?

champion slick drawings here

Nico said...

sorry, david.

David Germain said...

That first picture is giving me flashbacks of the Space Jam days. Just draw Taz as a biker with tude and Tweety as a L'il Kim type female (also with tude) and it'll be complete.

Oh well. All the drawings here are still great.


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