Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I apologize....havent been updating as much. busy with lots of stuff, move, taxes, work aka painzone, multiple cartoons projects, and other miscellaneous bullshit.

i have been doodling and working on more secret porjects, the wacom situation is still shakey, but the replacement should come soon, in the mail. hooooooooooray. then its gungho cartoon time, no more wacking my pen on the desk to get it work.

here is a piece of shit trash can idea.

copyright me 2008, you got that homiez.

however word on the street is trash can ideas are popular these days. The goal is to sell a piece of shit, to fund the gold. its like cartoon alchemy.

time defenders. copyright me, 2008 - eternity.

time defenders come to the rescue in situations where people are suffering through what seems like hours, when its only minutes (waiting at a doctors office, sitting in traffic, waiting for food when you're hungry) Or the situations where you just need one more hour, or a couple more minutes (tight deadlines, kid trying to finish last problem on math test, premature ejaculation, sleep) this of course is because of the evil time manipulators. They stretch and shrink time to fuck with you. You don't know about it, but it happens in the 6th dimension, the dimension of time alteration. In this dimension, time can be toiled with, if in the wrong hands, however the time defenders make sure shit happens the way it should, so that humans in regular world will not suffer or incur any consequential damage due the time manipulators tampering. There is a lot of time tampering in this place, from freak accidents to evil villainous agenda, to childlike naive actions from the wanderrogues.

bla bla bla

here are some of the defenders.

BLACKOUT he basically crushes and bashes the incorrect Time Clocks set up by the villains.

Quaswor He is a warrior, who fights the malicious villians (those that go out and cause trouble constantly.

Charlot Carbanx She lures horny wanderrogues, can send them back to prepubescent state. Is known for giving perpetual blueballs.

Gorithian Harddick He is a jolly man. He drinks time-aid. Gets drunk, is brutish and irresponsible, but strong, and knows how to turn back the hands of time. He often armwrestles the hands of clocks, always winning.

There are others, but i am too tired to color them. like Minute Maid the helpful lady that tends the wounds and scars of the time defenders, and TickTackTock an evil villain who uses expired breath mints as his major weapon.

and here are some dogs

generic dogs.


thats all for now.
more soon probably


chrisallison said...

Quaswor is hilariously awesome and I think I know which celebrity he's inspired by.

Dude, your dogs rock. You say they're generic, but you make the most interesting "generic" appealing stuff. All the better to animate you with, my pretty...

Dude, where's the Snuffachrisallisufagus drawings?

Todd Oman said...

I told you if you want to get help with your premature ejaculation this is not the solution. Just think about fat hanging from a girls arm or a nostril that is encroaching on the side of the nose while you are getting it on.

Kenny P. said...

You've really made up for your absence!
Hilarious characters.

tek! said...

finally new work from you!
hahaha Quaswor's steed is too funny

Anonymous said...

Seems like something you could make a real convincing pitch for... ever try to convince those whacks at Adult Swim to buying a convngly well animated fun loving super show?!


Still though great drawings

Kevin Langley said...

You're fuckin' hilarious. "Perpetual blue balls" great stuff. Well worth the wait. Great drawings, all of them

Marlo said...

oh my god you are an excellent writer as well as artist! hhahaha

Mike Nassar said...

dude. i don't remember seeing this post. fackin' awesome!

Will Finn said...

These are very funny but i wasn't quite prepared for Charlotte...! when i scrolled down to her i did another spit-take. she reminds me of a girl i used to know!

as for me my general pitching tips are:

1. get all your best ideas together

2. put them in an envelope

3. burn envelope

4. buy lottery tickets.

Good luck.


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