Thursday, April 17, 2008

couple more

came down with some sort of flu or cold thanks to some sick people at work. pretty mad about it. i hate being out of the loop, the physical loop. trying to the beat the shit out of this bullshit virus inside me so i can get back to the ass kicking agenda. Fuck a cold. motherfucker. and the fever. that shit wont stop me.

fucking fever.


Puga Vida said...

BOOIIINNNGGGG!! nice jugs!!

Anonymous said...

you should draw a picture of that fight we saw on saturday, OH WAIT, you didnt see it. HAHHAH

Anonymous said...

Nice fever tits on that first one!

chrisallison said...

Haha, these are AWESOME! cool colors too. You got this clear shape into shape distinction that I think is super appealing (like the dude's head into his had, chicks legs into shoes, etc.). Just more shit I'm gonna blatantly steal from you to ride your coattails into cartoon glory.

TheFuzzyPubes said...

GREAT stuff!

Jeremy Townsend (JERT) said...

super good work, I enjoy this blog

Marlo said...

oh my god, the guy on the bottom is incredible... it's like perfect, holy shit

mikecarloooyeah said...

Awesome. Haven't been by in a while. Good to see you're still kicking this shit out of this animation nonsense. Can't wait to see more animation. Keep rockin out.

Kenny P. said...

Punish that fever! Kill it!!! MURDER!!!

Nice drawings, too. Seemingly effortless, yet rich in complexity.



Collin Shepherd said...

beautiful desighn man! that chick is amazing!!

Kali Fontecchio said...

those nipples are looking at me

Andy said...

lol @ see through top.

I think I subconsciously stole your blogger url "idea". Sorry man... hahahahhahaa.

By the way, you're awesome at drawing. And amazing at animating... that halloween candy short was hilarious.

david said...

hey thanks buddies!!

miguel - hahahah thanks

alexis- uhhh whoops

brian - hahaha fever tits!

chris - hahha dude i didn't even think about that. i duno its just doodlingz

benj - thanks pal!

jert - thanks buddy! thanks for visiting

marlo - hahaha thanks. i dunno about perfect cause its just a doodle maybe a perfect imperfect doodle. haha

mike - thanks dude! i am working on it. slowly but surely it will be done!

kenny - thanks buddy! i think the sickness is 90 percent gone, however it still lingers. ah well. haahah

albert - thanks!!

collin - thanks! i too was proud of the girl drawing, hence the reason for posting it. hahaah

kali - ha, sorry nipples do that sometimes i guess.

andy - thanks man! hey, no shame we are all cartoonists. hahahaha. hopefully the next cartoon will be done soon (soon by animation standards means longer than uhh normal peoples' patience. sorry haha)


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