Tuesday, April 20, 2010


sorry guyz, been busy with a bunch of crap working on multiple (animated) cartoon shorts and comics and all this other lyfe crap. allergies season. i went through a lot of puffs lotion tissuez. the mucus membrane is a motherfucker of a part of the human body.

here are some crap doodles as an update!!!

cool stuff coming soon!


Chris_Garrison said...

Swooft as usual! I'm definitely afraid of the whip guy. He looks too stupid to understand the severity of the pain he's inflicting on his victim.

Check out some of my comic roughs here, if you like:
Woo Sketches

tek! said...

i got the spring allergies too!
plant sperm is a fearsome weapon...
I love that last sketch

David said...

Wow, just looked through your blog, you have some really cool stuff! how'd you learn to draw so fun and well designed?

rad sechrist said...

Wow, those designs are amazing!

Mike Moloney said...

sick dude...and i'm talking about your allergies and your drawings. hahaha feel better, take some benadryl.

Nico said...

DUDE are you okay?

Pedro Vargas said...

Dude! Lovin' all these guys!! I'm really digging the designs in all of 'em. I'm think the last one is my favorite!

Allergies can suck balls big time! Spring can be nice, but boy, can it be a pesky bastard as it purposely blows pollen right into one's face. Son of a bitchin' Spring haha! Hope you feel better, David!!


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