Sunday, January 31, 2010

ruff start

wah wah wah


Carlos said...

God, you're awesome

X said...

Looks great! You could even make it kid-friendly if you wanted to.

David de Rooij said...

Oh man this is so great, I think it could even be funnier when it's animated! I would love to here the voices!

tek! said...

hahaha an excellent one david.
as always, i really love the funny poses you've put in this one

Chris Battle said...

Holy FUCKING SHIT, this is the best thing you done all year!!!

Seriously, tho-- masterfuckingpiece.

WIL BRANCA said...

WOW! Just, WOW!

Tim said...

Ha Ha.
Good stuff.

Kawks! said...

aha, that was wonderful!

Uncle Phil said...

aye plus

Justin said...


too funny!

chrisallison said...

HAHAHAHAH awesome drawings dude. DRAWESOME! fucking so great. cartoon studies, man. i gotta leech your skills

Mike Moloney said...

!!!! that was awesome hahahaa, super funny!

Anonymous said...

SOO good!! your hilarious David! thanks for the laugh

TheFuzzyPubes said...


Anonymous said...

You're the greatest!

mikecarloooyeah said...

Holy SHIT! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Pretty funny, yet again!

*Request. Is it possible to set this BLog to just "10" post per page?

Pressure sensitive wacom pens are figgety when scrolling thru tons of posts. You tend to skip many posts because of this.

Just a thought. Keep it up!

Kenny P. said...

Ha Ha Ha! I love it. "Display." I'm going to buy you a mixed bean salad, and you don't even have to GO NEAR my wenis.

Pedro Vargas said...

hahaha that was awesome, David! I like fatty seal's hair. Great designs! This blog is too cool!!

Anonymous said...

I love when that seal is just hyperventilating after his little freakout.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you made a comment on the Neat Stuff blog about some of John K's recent drawings that you thought were wonky. I thought you should know that the examples you pointed out were quick doodles that someone decided to ink. Finished layout drawings are what you should judge. I think most of the layouts for the cancelled Pontiac George Liquor and other recent stuff were real good.

Anyway, you obviously have some bold opinions about some real good cartoonists like John and Mike Fontanelli. Why not do a post about all that and see what others think instead of hiding around in the comments here and there.

Josh Parpan said...

Great stuff!

david said...

thanks guys!

carlos - thanks! hahaa i try

issac - thanks! i dunno how i could make it kid friendly though!? hahaha

david - thanks! i wish i had the time to animate it!

tek - thanks buddy!

Chris - Thanks hahaha! i am getting off to a slow start i need to post more. :)

Wil - thanks!!

Tim - hahaha thanks!

Kawks - thanks!

phil - thank you, i try. i'll try not to get any more C's when posting. Must get better.

Justin - oh is this good?!

Chris - time to do some studies! heyooo!

Mike - thanks man!!

Mitchell - thank you! your icon is hilarious!

benj - thanks!!

jorge - hahaa i try!

Mike - thank you. you are kicking some major ass! I'm looking forward to your film

Sketchees - I have no idea how to do that :(

Kenny - Thanks i think i owe you organic bag of locally grown baby romaine or something.

Pedro - thank you!

John-Michael Morgan - thanks! it would have been fun to animate :`(


Josh - thank you!!

James -

Please don't come to blog and try to start shit, initiate stupid fucking arguments or bust my balls for having an opinion that you're not comfortable with. I posted your comment as an example of what not to do for others that might come here and try to beat a dead horse. thanks. And by the way i think the layouts are pretty bad too, i think Mike is stubborn but talented dude. I think you should stop worrying about your obsession with a certain group of people and just try to enjoy life.


mikecarloooyeah said...

Dude! stop getting sick, ha. I use Flash CS3, with the brush tool set to pressure sensitive with the smoothing set to 80. I also pain over the line, so I am constantly drawing, undoing, drawing etc. I don't like using line tool or manipulating lines with the arrow tool because if there's one thing I hate the shit out of its super flashy looking crap. I actually love the way you do your stuff, if I didn't suffer from a severe case of OCD then I would just rip shit out like that! Anyway, you rock keep it comin'

Katie said...

HAHAHAHA So good, David!!!


i needed that fuckin' laugh this morning!!


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