Saturday, December 05, 2009


been working on more animation less blog posts. I apologize, Trying to get this stuff done.. also trying to sleep more. I'm trying to finish a short by the end of the year. i got xmas week off. which means. HEYOOO time to get crackin (like SHOCK)

sorry for the crappy doodle dump.

gotta keep it moving.


tek! said...

sexy spacecadet! im really looking forward to that latest cartoon. but don't you dare to get sick!

Chris_Garrison said...

Great sketches, as always! Can't wait to see your next short. More Kimbo is great, but I'm sure missin' Sorry Guyz.

(my recent sketches: )

Please draw lots of hipsters and become the John Held, Jr. of your day, defining your generation.

Also, the little guy who's looking up at that chick -- I request to see a sketch from his POV next.

Anonymous said...

nice insanity more animated crazy cartoons

TheFuzzyPubes said...

Shit! :0
Great funny drawings.
The rabbit & lil' man with the lil' hat are REALLY nice!!!


I hear ya.
Good lookin' out on that Percee P and Lord Finesse freestyle session :)
I'm looking at their batte from 1989 on youtube right now.

Danne8a said...

Great doodlers! I love visiting your blog!

Ricardo Cantoral said...

"sorry for the crappy doodle dump."

Poor David, so hard on yourself. ;)

You want crap ? Have you seen what's-his-name selling line paper scribbles at 25 bucks a pop ? That is crap.

Anonymous said...

do you draw these in photoshop or do you reommend a different program? Also it looks to me like you dont care about line weight at all. Do you have any reason why you choose to draw these with such a small brush?

david said...

thanks guys!

tek - hahaha thanks. I've been eating a lot of tangerines, high in vitamin c i think so i think i'm fighting off the germs pretty well (for now)

Chris garrison - thanks man!I need to draw more hipsters i know. I haven't been out to any major hipster events in a while cause i can only tolerate so much of it. Once i get out there and get my scanner fixed, i'll post some up.

I have no idea who that guy is, but short dudes and tall girls always crack me up!

dave - haha thanks. Im workkking on it!

benj - thanks man!!!

Tyree - Oh yes I love that! So much energy in that video, too bad the quality isn't great, but I'm grateful that we have artifacts like to remind people what's up!

Danny - thanks man!!

Mitchell - draw in flash, most because i find it has the least lag on computer compared to other drawing programs like photoshop etc. I'm not really concerned about line weight so much just because i have a bit of ADD when it comes to drawing. I don't like spending too much time on a drawing, especially when doodling, i just like drawing with lots of energy and keeping things flowing, which is why i'm not a great artist, but a decent animator.

reese said...

looks great. Can you draw other animals too? How about a fox, could you draw it?

George Kaprielian said...

love the pose with the chick on the black berry. great sketch

chrisallison said...


shined in 2009. what we gonna do in 2010?


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