Tuesday, August 25, 2009

new COMIC!!

head on over to DUMM COMICS for a brand new SORRY GUYS COMIC. This is a special edition (basically special edition = super long mega comic).

here is a preview. Sorry for the lack of updates. Just trying to stay productive as possible.

Don't forget to go everyday for awesome comics from GABE SWARR, KATIE RICE, LUKE CORMICAN, RICKY GARDUNO, KYLE CARROZZA + JOHN BERRY, and AARON HORVATH.

see you soon


tek! said...

hahahaha best one yet!!
really great poses too!
im also a big fan of those little sounds you add all the time like : 'unzip' 'avoid'
theyr the cherry on the cake.

Nico said...


Bob said...

That's the most I've ever cringed in disgust while reading a comic- Amazing! The Troller's expressions are right on!

Shawn Dickinson said...

That Troller comic was disgusting, offensive, sick shit!

....I LOVED it!!!! hahaha!

Tim said...

Yes, I laughed.

Kenny P. said...

Yes, I've been enjoying the FECES out of your Dumm Comics! Keep up the good work, Tiger.

Justin said...

It was great! That "Troller! I'm home!" face is the best drawing, for me. The whole thing amused my disgusting brain.

I still hold "Bro Mojo" as my favorite. The darkly poetic vibe is fantastic and perfect for the style of the strip. Will part 2 be up soon?

Marc Deckter said...


A.M.Bush said...

that was gross, but really good. freakin excellent expressions.

Anonymous said...

Man dude.. where do you get time to draw all this shit.

I'm Uber-jealous!

PS-Sorry to hear you support Mr. Emslie. He's not nearly as creative or talented as you. Also, what does he know about "animation" to critique a festivals poster?? He teaches character design and draws generic photo-based caricatures!

You at least animate your silly creations..

Props to you.. not him.

david said...

thanks guys!

tek! - Thanks man! i tried. hahaha those sounds really sell it when you're not making it an actual cartoon you can't put in the sound fx. you have to spell it out for the people! hahahaa.

nico - THANKS!

bob - hahahahahah thanks!!! i tried very hard to gross people out and it worked!!!

shawn - thanks man!!! next time we kick it at nico's partay got some jazz exchanging to do!!

tim - hahahah YES! thanks!!

kenny - THank you buddy! i mean it.

justin - thanks!! I'm still working on the second half of bro mojo, it won't be up for another couple weeks.

marc - thanks!! hahahahah I love that word!

AM- Thanks!!!!!! :)

Ariel - thanks man! As for the Pete drama. i was more pissed off at amid for personally attacking him on cartoon brew. I don't think any artist should be personally attacked especially on a big place like cartoon brew with tons of readers. I'm not saying i agree with Pete's harsh opinion of the poster, but people like John K have said a lot worse about certain artists and artwork but have never gotten a slap on the wrist.

you know, its just double standards.

ah well.

Screw the negativity, gotta be positive and remember that CARTOONS COME FIRST

without cartoons people like amid WOULD BE NOWHERE


X said...


That one was too disgusting for me.

WIL BRANCA said...

Hilarious, great expressions & poses...

You rule, David!

James Sutton said...

Kyle is on Dumm now?

Whoa that place just gets better and better

Anonymous said...

Yo, David: I wanted to know what you think of my drawings. Hope you can, like, stop by my blog.

Anyways, this comic was srsly funny! I never knew a troll with a mouth full of spunk could swallow...



"Some days I dream
That he is me

GOT to see that's how I dream to beeeeeeeeee

I dream i groooooove



If i could DRAW like


Freshyfresh said...

I love your Bloggertroll-comics!XD
I hope you do more of them!=)

ENDE said...

fuuyoo!best!best!your new comic!i like!yeeehaaa!come visit in malaysia,okey!-m'sia said "bagus beb".


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