Saturday, February 14, 2009


comic i did in my downtime at work while fixing computer probelms.

still loading up more shit and stuff like that, but i just got a new harddrive and some ram and killed some fucking viruses. assholes.

this is one of those scoller comics. scroll fast and you might even see some parts ANIMATE...but not really.. kind of.

I am missing panel 11.. theere were a lot to email to i apologize

coming soon!!!!!

sorry for the delays


Kevin Langley said...

Haha, great comic. Your drawings always have a great line of action in them.

tek! said...

haha the virus is peeing on your hardware.
painfully true!

Sphyzex_9 said...

your blog deserves more attention. That was great.

Ivan D said...

I didn't know Powdered Toast man fixed computers...

Nico said...

dude that anti-virus mister is HARDCORE!!! haha i love this comic

Firefly said...

someone beat me to the powdered toast man comment already... and i would figure you'd hate that. but very well done. great poses!

Nico said...

i especially love how the 2nd to last panel could be a fine enough ending, but you felt the need to add just one MORE panel of them giving a friendly little wave to each other. HAHAHAHA

Corey said...

you are the fucking shit dude.

fo realz

Unknown said...

Ya know, I've always weirded out at your work. this did not disappoint.

Look at my finger dude, LOOK AT IT.

TheFuzzyPubes said...


chrisallison said...

NICE! you're back.

haha *waves*

Shawn Dickinson said...

Ha! That was cool! This post was worth the wait!

Glad you're almost back in working order again.

Mike Nassar said...

hahahaa. man that was awesome.
*sniffle sniffle
Speaks so close to home.

fuckin awesome poses man.
hilarious stuff dude. last panel finger tip wave is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

It sucked having you away for a while, but this comic kicked so much ass it was worth it.

Do you like Mac or PC's better, David?

Danne8a said...

Great drawings as usual!
Thanks a lot for sharing!



david said...

thanks guys!!!

kevin - thanks buddy! i try. i think it's cause i got overboard and want to animate them hahaha

tek - hahahah i know asshole... i thinki got rid of him though.

sphyzex niner - thanks dude!

ivan d - hahaha i guess he does look like powdered toast man, i was actually going for a buff version of those blockhead guys from gumby

nico - hahah thanks BUDZONE!

firefly - haha thanks. thats what i get for putting a square head on a superhero body i guess.

nico - hahahahahah thanks. i needed to add that silly wave...icing on the cartoon cake!!

corey - thanks homie!! i try

niki - hahah thanks! i actually added the captions after.. kind of which is why it was weird

benj - thanks buddy!!!

chris - kind of back haha

Shawn - thanks dude!!

Mike - Thanks buddy! i hate viruses and thanks for the tips too. i think i got everything in check and i got that avp thing or whatever it was called on the backburner just in case another virus asshole tries to invade. haha

Jorge - thanks dude. my blog needs some major update-age.

I prefer PCs for the most part because they feel like an actual computer as opposed to some glossy box that steve jobs jerked off into. macs do have some good shit abotu them (like the fact not many hackrz write virusshit for them) and the color coordination for folders, but you can't modify them as much and itunes is a memory hog.

winamp 4lyfe

Danny - thanks man!!

Tim said...

Funny stuff.

Bob Camp said...

People should be paying you a lot of money for this stuff David.


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