Monday, January 12, 2009


dump the shitdoodlez into the cartoontrash landfill. KRRRisshhh. lolzker jk!

new year..letting cartoons SHINE IN OOOOHH NINE. BAM.

no color cause color takes time and its 2009. that means i am running out of time. you dig? so less color, more animation. more drawings.

I haven't sent back my cintiq YET but i will. I am just emotionally and psychologically preparing myself for it's absence. Also i want to get a little bit more done on my cartoon at least, and finish a minicartoon to post up...Then it will be back the rusty scanner.

your budzone


Unknown said...

sweet- love the girl drawings- nice curves! yay new drawings in 09! hope you get your cintiq back soon : D

Rich Dannys said...

The aristocratic Rat dudes, are pretty funny! Shame about the non-color though.. You need to hire a fulltime colorist, man!

PJS said...

Love 'em all, especially the hairy sloth fella

Kenny P. said...

Thanks to your drawings, 2009 is already the best year ever!

Nico said...

these rule dude!!!

omg Drawings 2 and 3.. it's CHAZ CHEDDAR

keep it up! we need more cartoons to shine in 09!

Amir Avni said...

Brilliant man, Just brilliant!

chrisallison said...

fuckin holding out on us! you bastard!

give the people a short cartoon.

Unknown said...

The last page, the girl looking over here. She totally digs me... I hope she's available for parties!

Lion_0 said...

Awsome update and thankfully no monkey ridin a dog lol. I look forward to the short toon u mentioned.

LFW said...

you are a MACHINE! sir

excellent work, loving them all

cheers to you and your skill


Unknown said...

1739 N Victory Pl, Burbank, CA‎ - (818) 845-2418‎

sorry manner

looks like we'll have to go to the one on los feliz for the W.G.S.


by the way i really love that hot secretary bitch 3 from the bottom


Brett W. Thompson said...

Wow!! These are awesome!

LizardGurl said...

Awesome drawings as always. keep up the great work!

aaron said...

dude these drawings are fantastic. holy shit.

david said...

thanks guys!!!

daisy - thanks!! I won't send it off until i finihs a couple of cartoons. hahhah

rich - thanks! yeah i need to color, people like color. It takes time picking out colors though...I will color some more drawings soon.

patrick - thanks! he's my favorite too


Nico - Thanks PAL!

Amir - thanks, i try! hahaha


Niki - hahahaah ok!

lionel - hahahahah i'm not good enough to come up with an idea like that.

lfw - thanks! i wish i was a well oiled machine without so many stupid retarded HUMAN setbacks, like having to sleep and getting sick tired or depressed. ha ah ah

brett- thanks!

valerie - hahahaa thanks!

Aaron - Thanks BUDDY!

Ivan D said...

So fecking cool! Especially the seal (??) character design and the sexy ladies.

You use contrasting shapes to great affect in your designs. I envy your ability to do so--and to make it look easy!

Anonymous said...

I dig it!


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